I don't quite agree with you about the KJV. It is a good version, but I have read a lot about the history of the time it was written. King James was not what I would call a good man (he let his mother be killed so he could become King). I know the Bible scholars did the best job they could, in the language of their time, with the texts they had to translate from. You seem to think the Red Sea Scrolls, found after the KJV version was written, I think, are not accurate. Most of Christiandom believe these scrolls were more original because they were older than any existing original text existing at the time.)


Of course the Dead Sea scrolls are before the KJV. English is a relatively new language. The Dead Sea scrolls are interesting. They actually give witness to the traditional preserved Hebrew massoretic text for the Old Testament, which the KJV is translated from, unlike the other modern versions, this is opposite to what you imply. Before they were found many "scholars" said that various readings in the HEBREW Massoretic Bible were wrongly inserted by man, or were scribal errors introduced relatively recently in the transmission of the text. They said that the texts we have that "date from around the 1st/second AD centuries" are better. Then the Dead Sea scrolls were found and contained the very readings that they said were newer, and thus denied. They said these readings could not be in scrolls that old (but there they were!!!). And yes, they predated any other known texts. So they were wrong. Such "scholars" give the appearance of using data to say that God did not preserve all his words. Other "data based" assertions they make even today can be tested, and are wrong. Thus you supposedly need them to "reconstruct" the right Hebrew and Greek text for you, based off their "science". You supposedly need them to know what the bible MIGHT say. But when you do not just take them for granted and examine the data, they are wrong! They are bold though.

"If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it".

- Adolf Hitler (used evolution as an excuse to kill millions etc. He even tried to seem religious as he rose to power, holding nazi baptisms etc. Crafty distraction)

The issue is whether God preserved his words like he promised. This is beside the issue of English translation. Before there ever was English, there was the Hebrew and Greek words that God preserved (and we have them today still, I have a personal copy in these languages). That is what the KJV is translated from. That is the main reason why it is the best English version, because others ignore the proper preserved text. You talk about inspiration of the whole Bible, but if God inspired something, then allowed it to be corrupted, then it is not all inspired, only parts of it. As far as King James the man is concerned, I will not argue your point (though it can be argued). God used wicked men to preserve the Bible in Hebrew for sure; some scribes were righteous, but some were not. God used both types of scribes to preserve his words. These various issues you are bringing up distract from the truth of PRESERVATION. If the inspired Hebrew and Greek are not all preserved up till our English language, then you can not translate all of them, nor do you know if any, or some, or which ones are the words of God.


"Bob walked with Sam to the ditch and caught a tortise."


"Bob {slid} with {Alfred} to the ditch and caught a tortise."

The "scholars" I am talking about think this happened with the Hebrew, and Greek. Why don't you get an old Strongs (you can call used book stores and see if they have a Strong's Concordance published by Abingdon Press, that should have the proper section in the back) and look in the back There is a section comparing the KJV with the changes in the Revised Version. It shows which changes were made in the English, and where it is based off of CHANGED Hebrew or Greek. These changes are exceedingly wrong. God preserved his words. Thus the RV etc. are wrong.

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

- Matthew 5:18

definition of verily

verily: truly or confidentially; "I verily think so". in truth; beyond doubt or question;

Do you believe what Jesus said here, verily?

Why you say I do not think that the Dead Sea scrolls are accurate I do not know. I am not sure why you bring up such things when the main issue is: God inspired and preserved his words in Hebrew and Greek; none were lost. And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him:

and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.

- Matthew 9:28

They believed Jesus, so do I.

The issue of preservation is simple, but not often stated in "evangelical circles". I think this is part of the problem, distraction from the real issues. I know the issue of preservation never was brought up very much in the various churches we/ I attended. I assume many who do not believe in preservation simply are avoiding raising the issue.

I am beginning to grow wary of debate for one simple reason. When someone brings up valid accurate data, many people ignore the data.

Now, what I bring up here is valid, but a separate issue from SOME of the people who claim the KJV is the best English Bible. Many of them make rediculous claims that are not true. That does not mean the KJV itself, or the Hebrew or The Greek are bad. I have heard it claimed that unless you were "saved under the KJV" you can't be saved. Nonsense. Also implied by some is that the KJV can correct the Hebrew and Greek texts that God preserved.

Absolutely UNTRUE!!! It is also another distraction. That is enough for now.